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How much sound is reduced?

With the Spartans windows and doors you will find the perfect solution of stopping noise irritation, with the uPVC reducing noise levels by 90%! Making your home a peaceful sanctuary.
The room has many windows and green trees outside.

How do Spartan Windows/Doors reduce sound?

Living room with beach view, featuring cozy furniture and large windows overlooking the sandy shore
Contemporary home with glass walls and swimming pool

How does it reduce sound?

Spartans uPVC windows are designed to make your home as quiet as possible. Our double glazing is made with uPVC frames and sealed with special strips to ensure 90% sound proofing efficiency. Our windows are fitted with specialised weather seals that help to keep out noise from outside, such as traffic and construction sounds. We also use an insulated glazing unit filled with Argon gas to further reduce noise levels. This combination of features ensures that your home is as quiet and peaceful as possible.
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